Thursday, October 29, 2015

Why should you choose Microgaming casinos?

What do most players like the most? Friendly user interface, attractive design and, of course, bonuses and opportunity to win real money. Microgaming casinos combine all these elements in its games.

Being the oldest online casino provider, Microgaming company has developed a successful strategy on how to associate one`s name with real gambling fun.

My Acquaintance with Online Gambling

Usually acquaintance with online gambling begins with simple registration free games. Later the player becomes more professional and feels a desire to develop their skills in more complicated games.

Have fun at gambling online
Microgaming offers almost 1000 games, 800 of which can be downloaded to your smartphones.

Thus, online gambling is so close that you can access it in one click.

Very often the players like competition and online battles between each other or between the group of other gamblers.

Microgaming has provided a solution for this, either.

Now you can compete at more than 20 multiplayer games available at 45 languages. So, your team may be from different sides of globe.

Device Makes the Difference

People appreciate saving their time and like easy ways: installation free games which do not require setting up an account.

Still, the opportunities are often limited together with the number of steps you make. Desktop gambling is gradually receding into the past. Nowadays you can download your favorite game directly to your smartphone or tablet.

There are freeplay options giving you a chance to test application and decide whether you would like to stay.

Get acquainted with MicrogamingBy the way, setting up an account with one or another casino gives you an opportunity to receive bonus and use real money payouts in case of winning.

One more popular type of games is flash casino.

Such casinos usually provide additions to download games. Actually, flash games are smaller copies of their “big brothers”.

Top Microgaming Slots! - Who Knew?

Slot machines have already gained an army of lovers all over the world. The lists of top Microgaming slots is always haunted by gamblers wishing to try the luck and learn where their chances to win are higher.

We have outlined 5 recently mentioned top slots powered by Microgaming: Scrooge, Breakaway, Riviera Riches, Karate Pig, Reel Gemes and Thunderstruk.

Do not miss updates and news. Do you understand now why microgaming casinos are in demand? Search for good slots, listen what others say!

Payout Issue

Different slot games have different payout percentage. That is why it is necessary to read game descriptions before you make your first bet. The highest percentage of paying slots was mentioned at Hot Ink Casino where you have 97,5% of payouts.

Then comes Scrooge Slot which RTP is a little bit less and counts 96.74. Online reviews are extremely helpful at finding information about payouts and their details.

Your favorite scratch cardsTable Entertainments? I Say Yes!

Guess which is the most popular classic table game? You will not miss if you name poker.

Microgaming has designed beautiful poker games for those who would like to have daily access to their favorite table game.

Say yes to poker types, baccarat and craps – leaders of table entertainments. Here, at Microgaming, you will hardly notice any differences with their online and offline forms.

Cards Variety

Scratch cardsS are included to one more types of games offered by Microgaming. These games are characterized by high deposit bonuses and even free hours available.

We would like to announce top 5 scratch games for you to choose from: 32Red Casino, Casino Action, Betway, Jackpot City Casino and Platinum Play Casino. They are all powered by Microgaming. It means that you can be sure in security, quality and just enjoy the entertainment.

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