Thursday, October 29, 2015

History of Microgaming

The first online casino saw the light back in 1994. It was developed by Microgaming which became pioneer of online gambling entertainment. The very first online casino was rather simple and not so beautiful as its modern “brothers”. Microgaming was only making its first steps to be recognized as a supplier of the most colorful and attractive games with dedicated design and friendly interface.

The evolution has lead Microgaming online casinos to more than 800 games which are all unique and include more than 1000 variants for the most sufficient players. Nowadays this online casino games supplier is differentiated by prominent awards among which are Awards of Excellence and Global Gaming Awards.

Before gambling gets better

A great number of facts influenced the development of Microgaming. 4 years after they launched first online casino, IGC organization (also known as International Gaming Council) shows them as a founding member. Later, in 1998 slot game named Cash Splash was launched. One more important change took place in 2001 when international gamblers could join Microgaming – multilingual software was started.

Online casino antecedents

The heritage of online gambling industry originated in the 20th century. 1990th will always stay in the memory of gamblers as the period of online casinos birth. Poker, slots, table entertainments and other offline traditional games transformed to one-click accessible fortune hobbies.

People were always striving to win jackpots, but in 2002 the era of quick online money came. First memorable jackpot of €1.5 million was paid out in 2002. Next year was fateful for the whole Microgaming world. It brought it to the absolutely new level of popularity and recognition.

Games of 1994

Being the beginner in online gambling, Microgaming dealt with the most popular classic games in 1994. The players received access to different types of poker and other card games, slots entertainments and online roulettes. The competitive advantage was on the side of Microgaming because nobody has done it yet.

Improvements at the end of 2015

It is impossible to ignore changes and improvements started by Microgaming during the last decade.

One of the most impressive results is about jackpots. Can you only imagine that £13.2 million was recently won?

But this event has lots of positive backgrounds for it to become real.

Microgaming has been the sponsor of RYCOB football club for more than 10 years.

It keeps the reputation of secure and interactive game provider.

Also, Evolution gaming has recently signed an agreement with Microgaming to start providing high quality love casino services.

And one more detail to be mentioned here. Rugby Star was launched for mobile devices and desktops in the honor of great worldwide known tournament.

New types

All Microgaming products can be categorized by four types: web-based, download-based, live dealer games or virtual games. Let`s learn more about each of them one by one.

Web-based games are available on download-free basis and can be played online. They are Major Tom, Red Flush, Blackjack Ballroom and the others.

As you can easily guess, download-based products can be played only after you complete installation on your device.

Live dealer games are characterized by the high level of integration. Quickfire games are well known as Microgaming live projects.

And, finally, virtual games are most often recognized by online casinos where the player can easily feel how close he is to real game.

Stats: winning vs failure

Jackpot is the lucky pie of every online gambler whether he is making his first steps in the industry or he is a dedicated professional.

The stats is saying that the conversion of winning vs failures is different for each personal situation.

The more often you try and the more games you play, the higher are your chances to break the average.

Big gains

Are you already motivated to get big gains and enter the history of Microgaming as one of the richest online gamblers?

Let us refresh in mind the biggest jackpots. They are real! The sums of winnings count billions of dollars.

£5.4 million was paid in 2015 to British man who succeeded with online casinos. In 2006 26-year old player won €4,159,181 at slot games named Arabian Nights. More than $5 were paid out by Mega Moolah. Thus, the money are even closer than you expected.

Heavy losses

Unfortunately, no statistics and no jackpots are available without heavy losses. They also formulate online casinos conversion. The heaviest losses appear when gambling addiction takes place.

The sums of losses are usually less than jackpots but still, they are enormous. For example, in 2009 a player gambled away more than £700,000. Such situations are not always highlighted in mass media, but you should understand that no one is immune from this.

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