Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Microgaming Management

Try and think of the Microgaming company as a family of developers, rather than a firm of developers. The team is primed to realizing togetherness as a team as well as play a part in the community surrounding them. With this team, everything is casual with nothing out of the ordinary.

Mode of operation is simple with no hassles whatsoever nor any sort of pressure and just co-operation. Engaging one another is the main aim of the team and hedging ideas from even the newer team members is what has enabled the team to get to where it is today.

They also engage in community development projects as well as take some time off work in the local gym or some outdoor sessions.
Microgaming Company behind the scenes

Team of Professionals

Like any other company, Microgaming has its own functional organizational structure. So how does microgaming management look like?

It has a CEO, Financial Director, Head of Corporate affairs, Head of developments and sales, head of product channels, head of service delivery, head of marketing, events and PR and finally the head of HR.

Each and every one of these play a major role in elevating the standards of Microgaming and ensuring that the online pokies game you are enjoying is actually as per your expectations as the players.

Behind the top management are the tactical and operational employees who guarantee that you have your game on time and free of any bugs. It is these who also ensure that you receive your game updates as promised. It is an entire family, primed to giving you the best and satisfactory gaming experience.

Who's at the head?

Roger Raatgever is the man behind Microgaming. He is the CEO, having qualified as being an accountant in South Africa, with majors in marketing and economics.

He played a major role in the establishment of Microgamming headquarters in the Isle of Man back in 2001 where he acquired a major position in franchising and merchant before joining the team later on. Needless to say, he has been marked as one of the longest serving online gaming CEOs of the current decade. He was not entirely a bookworm, having won several sport medals in his youth.

Top-level Results

For the past 21 years that they have been functional as a team, Microgaming has always received numerous rewards for being secure and innovative when it comes to online casino games.

Enjoy latest online slots at MicrogamingCase in point, they won the Best Casino Developers reward in 2013 and have held the record ever since.

It has also been recognized by eCOGRA as being one of the best game developers of the decade in terms of legitimacy and user security.

Moreover, boasting over 500 games, each having about 1,200 modes of play makes Microgaming a king in the industry. This is why it has seen its collaboration with some of the best game developers such as Evolution Gaming, to produce even better results.
As a company, Microgaming delivers a number of services to its customers. Some of them include:
  1. Marketing. Microgaming plays the role of supporting their customers to manage and promote their online casinos. All the in-game events and other promotions are communicated to customers in real time.
  2. Management. It is Microgaming rlie to cater for the progress of their customers, in terms of security, networking and support among other managing activities.
  3. Managed services. Since one of the things is getting to retain players, Microgaming ensures that their customers retain players in their games, by ensuring acquisition, conversion and retention as well.
  4. Security and support. Microgaming plays a major rlie when it comes to ensuring software security and support on the players end. Transactions are carried out in the most effective manner and 100% safe and secure.
  5. Payment services. It plays a rlie in payment management as well as handle the payment services as well.
Get best casino games from Microgaming

Microgaming has a number of amazing products, all of which have seen the favor of all gamblers out there. These include mobile:
  • casinos
  • online poker
  • bingo online
  • sports books
  • live dealers
It also offers business sliutions and land based gambling joints as well.

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