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Reviews of Microgaming casinos - high quality rating

Surfing the internet in the search for something thrilling, I have found for me online casinos as the way to relax and get fun. Since that time gambling has become a part of my life. No, I don't mean as the illness, but in a good sense only :)

I think readers of the article will understand me as no one else. Today gambling becomes something really special awarding lots of features and capabilities to get. Now you will see a wide variety of places to enjoy your free time. That is good on the one hand and on the other it creates difficulties of the choice.

Thankfully, today there are lots of portals with detailed reviews of online casinos that are bound to ease your choice. And that's great. But this post is not about them anyway ;)

Reading various articles, you can notice one company that is mentioned everywhere with the labelthe best”. Microgaming group that put the first brick of the industry foundation. Yep.

The story began in the far 1994, when the first online casino powered by the company was established. Of course, much water has flowed under the bridge since then and the online gaming had lots of innovations, but one thing remained unchanged. The provider was and is the leader in the field.

What is the secret? I think the answer is obvious. It's high quality offered. Though today there are lots of other reliable software providers like Playtech and RTG that also do their best and use the up-to-date technologies, Microgaming stays firmly on the top. I think here is something more definitely.

Probably, it's the service at all. I have noticed that the company improves it constantly. Mixed licenses and games featured along with Rabcat, for example, as well as 800 unique casino games with over 1,200 variations included, mobile formats for iOS and Android devices, Blackberry etc. does impress.

Besides all that, gamblers trust the company and casinos powered by it. Safety and responsibility is what you really get. Not all providers and their casinos are tested and approved by such highly respected companies as eCOGRA. And it speaks volumes for Microgaming online casinos, doesn't it? Yeah, the strong reputation – is a key to any player's heart.

Yeah, here you will find not only the outstanding range of entertainments and features, but also gambling houses running on the platform as well. And do you know what is a good question? Are all of them worth seeing and trust?

Best Microgaming Casino Brands Reviews

Competition is everywhere. Yep. Not only software providers hold sticks with each other, but casinos powered by the same company compete for your attention too. And some gambling houses are pretty successful at it. Yeah, every casino dreams to become a true brand or something like that :)

Eye-popping banners, mouth-watering bonus promotions, sweet promises… All that can be found at any modern online casino. But what makes a regular gambling house to be a brand? Though even the range of games offered is almost one-to-one, some casinos like Jackpot City, Betway, All Slots etc. differentiate themselves from others definitely. How they do that? It's the answer to be discovered.

Being inspired by owner of and their cool section of the best Microgaming casino reviews, I decided to create my own reviews of the most popular brands powered by the group. However, I'll try to make it a little bit fresher.

Using some other methods and other criteria to overview each casino, I want to examine the gambling houses with new sides to pay attention at. After that I'm going to rate each casino in keeping with criteria chosen.

First of all, I want to try to explore service, marketing, bonuses and other special features awarded with scientific approach. What does it mean? I want to compare some “tools” used by the brands with the methods of other regular casinos with good reputation as well to see what they do to attract so much attention.

Yeah, it should be interesting. At least I'll try to do that in such a way. So, if you're fond of that, then keep reading the article and, hope, pick useful info about modern online casinos by Microgaming that offer you to spend your time and cash there.

Scientific Approach

Do you know that 51% of the world’s population take part in some form of the gambling every year? Yeah, this signifies obvious financial profits for online gambling sites. iGaming has shown persistent growth over the past few years. And such a tendency is expected to continue in the same trend.

It’s not a secret that the iGambling is composed of 3 main market players like:

  • software vendors
  • business operators
  • end customers or gamblers

Due to the expansion of the field and grow of the competition, the latter from the list has come to expect to get only the first-rate quality and best treatment offered by online gambling facilities. Thus, new features and regular updates of the system are really needed for the casinos by Microgaming to maintain and stay ahead in the market.

Considering the fact that since 2003 the market has grown by an annual average of 23% and since 2004 women's share of online users in Europe has increased by more than 80% and men by 60%, gaming is becoming more and more popular day by day. Yeah.

There are several factors that promote its growth like Internet penetration, mobile formats, opening of the new markets due to regulation as well as appearing of new player groups. Herewith, the company improves the service and design new games constantly.

Marketing campaigns and improving the service of the online casinos play really important role, but… All that has one important addition which influences on everything. It’s scientific approach to the marketing and success of the brands.

Here, we are going to talk about NLP. It's not a secret that there are lots of NLP devices that are used to grab attention of players and make you to do what they want. Now you shouldn't imagine some monsters :)

Why so? Because they just appeal to your wishes. That's all. But how does it work? Is it dangerous? And how does it influence on your choice? Yeah, everyone of us crave to hear the answers. It’s exactly what I am going to do.

At first, I want to clear up what is Neuro-Linguistic Programming at all. Yeah, though to define it in a few words is not the easiest thing in the world, but I'll try to establish it in simple worlds as far it’s possible only.

And it’s time for some history… The story of NLP began in far 1970’s in Santa Cruz, California. It was started as a thesis project by Richard Bandler and his professor, John Grinder. The main idea of it was to find out why some people are more successful in what they were doing and others fail in the same tasks. The project had lots of followers then and now.

So that, it’s a science of how our brain codes learning and experience. Scientists found that this coding affects all communication and behaviour. In such a way some NLP devices were discovered.

Inasmuch as NLP involves the use of the proper syntax (or language) people or better to say sales found new ways of using it for making written communication more persuasive (of course, when it’s used properly). There are several main NLP devices that are often used by companies and casino brands as well. Among them are:

  • embedded commands
  • presuppositions
  • linguistic binds
  • reframing

Such devices are used widely in various areas of life. Sometimes you don't even pay attention at it. Advertisements, banners, billboards… They are everywhere. The ways of using these tools differ a lot as well. Everything depends on the area taken.

It’s just the tools that push you to make a decision. Of course, everything is based on your desires only. Certainly, it’s not a “panacea for success” for the companies and casinos. But it helps to achieve some goals.

However, all these tools and devices are helpless in case you don't feel like playing at the casino for real. And remember, the last word is yours only. Always.

Methodology of Rating

Though players are risky guys, but nobody wants to end up empty handed. And it's the main reason why gamblers look through reviews and feedbacks before registering a real money account at one casino or another.

Ratings help you in your choice a lot as well. They show how trusted, reliable, responsible, worthy etc. the gambling house is. Yeah, when it comes to rating of the casino, you should understand that there are lots of criteria to check.

If, reading that, you imagine the long list with different points, then it's quite right direction ;) When experts rate the establishment, they pay attention at the design, structure, payout percentage, safety, approval, games collection, graphics, working, customer support, transparency, bonus policy, reasonable/or not terms and conditions, formats provided and so on.

One way or another, all gambling houses have some classification due to the rating. Thus, you could notice the lists like “the best progressive jackpots casinos” or “top 5 slots casinos” and etc. Yeah, it's quite difficult to be the best in all directions.

That's why, usually casinos, alike to school leavers, choose the area of concentration to emphasize among the other advantages. And it's quite reasonable strategy of development. It's the reason of appearance of various top lists.

But besides that, there are lots of ratings made by regular real players. And they are more interesting as for me. Certainly, everybody points his own key criteria of the choice and everybody selects the place where he or she feels more comfortable.

Anyway, such ratings are something like feedback. Because every gambler sets a value upon a gambling house in a whole. Thus, you can find about the casino service basing on the experience of other gamblers. But here you should take to notice the fact that it could be quite subjective opinion.

Thankfully, you have a great chance to read reviews, watch the videos and check out the service by visiting various blogs and portals. Moreover, lots of bloggers uses various filters with different settings to use.

For example, you can choose the option “the highest payout percentage” or “players choice” and get the list of casinos with the highest index and rated by this criteria. Use it to ease and simple your search.

So, after making such a lot of work and researches, I offer you to look through the list of Microgaming brands rated by the qualities and features we've explored. And there are also reviews promised. Thus, here we are.

Jackpot City Casino Review

Quality, reliability, safety, winnings… It is just like singing in the famous song, that everybody is looking for something. Desires like tastes – they differ. So, to be on the top, online gambling houses along with brands are to do their best guessing intentions and wishes of the players.

Jackpot City Casino is really well-know and easy-recognized brand by Microgaming. It has lots of awards for today. Yeah, this gambling house does use all aforementioned methods successfully. This online casino is perfect blend of the bright stylish design and the first-class service provided.

The single look at the casino will be enough to see why it's so popular amongst the real players over the world (in countries accepted by Microgaming, of course). Don't think that I'm promoting the gambling house now. No-no, nothing of a kind.

I'm just a real player and to say the truth it's one of the casinos I have chosen to bet for cash. Yeah, now it will be something like sharing own experience with you ;) So, hope the further information will be useful for you and will shed the light on the casino and its service.

Why it's my choice? Strong reputation, good feedback from the gamblers and seat of approval by eCOGRA along with numerous awards and high payout percentage give you assurance of the casino safety and transparency. If these factors speak volume for you just like for me, then take a closer look at the gambling house.

First Look

As soon as you visit the casino site, the bright design will catch your eye. We always make connection with big city lights and groove, don't we? So, you will get into the hazardous mood straight away you are at the home page of the casino. And the alluring bonus offer on the front page also grabs your eye making you beam.

Though the casino has lots in common with other online gambling houses by Microgaming, here you feel some brand identity. It's just like two t-shirts one of which is made of silk and another of polyester… They can be alike at the first glance only. Do you understand what I'm about?

There is simple menu with the logic and user-friendly structure. So that you will have no problem with navigation. But in case you need help, you can take a look at the site map that is provided. Scrolling the page, you will see that Jackpot City provides you with different formats to try. And it's also an advantage.

Here you will find 2 desktop versions as flash instant play and extra software to download and install on your PC. Plus, there are formats for various Apple devices as iPhone, iPad and Android gadgets along with program for Windows phones and Blackberry.

The pleasant thing to discover is that you can register a single account to get access to all these formats. Yep. It's very handy. To use all these blessings you just need to log in your account. Beyond, the variety of entertainments is wide for all versions (checked by myself).

Games and Payouts

Hence we have touched the topic of games… I have no reason to break it up :) Moreover, here is what to discuss... The casino games range is stunning. Even avid gamblers can be impressed. Just because here you are provided with more than 400 casino games to try your luck.

Herewith, you can be sure that boredom has no chances. Huh. Blackjack lovers, slots addicted, poker fans as well as admires of table and card games at all will be pleased with numerous variations of fav entertainments offered.

Besides, the casino has pretty high index of payouts. Yep. And it should be a great news for you. Yeah, the payout percentage of 96.42% for all games should stir your pulses. And other entertainments do the world of good with their payout percentage as well:

  • slots – 96.29%
  • table games – 97.22%
  • poker games – 97.66%

So that, here you will have good chances as to find a fun to your liking as well as make a good hand of it.

What Bonuses JackpotCity offers?

It’s obvious that today all brands deliver nothing but the quality and safety along with the deserving treatment. Due to it, players also make their choice basing on the profits and advantages they can get. Yeah, desire to get more for their money is still at the top, last time I checked.

That’s why good choice of bonuses is really important thing for the casinos. And Jackpot City has such a highlight. First and foremost, the gambling house has really great $500 Welcome Bonus Package that is offered to all new real players.

Here you can get 2 different match bonuses on your first 2 deposits made. In case you choose the gambling house for your real money set and replenish your account with at least $20, your balance will be doubled at first by 100% up to $200 match. In case you made your second deposit of $20 or up, the casino promises you 100% up to $300 bonus to relish.

The only moment in this fairytale is that you can't withdraw your winnings prior meeting the wagering of 50 times. But it's a common requirement to meet at any modern online casino. It's just a provision against bonus-hunters.

But in case you think that it's where the bonuses of Jackpot City end, you are wrong. Just because the casino also has wide range of promotions for existing players too. There are Loyalty and VIP rewards, special and prize-packed offers provided to your joy. Here is you can recognize the system like “the longer you stay, the more you get”. And it plays to your hand only.

JackpotCity features and benefits

Lots of casinos offer you enjoyable gambling experience. Anyway, it’s a pity, but often it’s just a windy talk. So, when it comes to the choice of the place to play for real, you should be very attentive to features provided and of course benefits awarded.

From the look of things, Jackpot City has a strong and wise marketing and developing team. Because here everything suits the highest standards of the industry. I should start that the casino has a seat of approval from eCOGRA. And that is the first advantage to get here. Besides that, the casino also offers you to obtain such pros as:

  • mobile platforms for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows phone etc.
  • loyal bonus policy for all players as new and old
  • 24/7 customer support
  • safe banking with wide choice of methods for both depositing and withdrawing


What can I say in the conclusions. This online casino appears the first here not by a chance. I checked the gambling house by all key criteria mentioned in the article and the rate of it is pretty high. And it's not only my opinion. This online casino isn't perfect and there are some drawbacks. But overall though this gambling house is amongst the leaders not by a chance.

Here you really are provided with the deserving treatment and needed benefits for the modern style of life. It has number of awards, high ratings, great variety of games, high payouts and, what's important, players' acclaim. I have tried it by myself and I don't regret about it at all. So that it deserving place to spend your time and money.

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All Slots Casino Review

You can hardly find a gambler who is a Microgaming fan and has never heard about All Slots Casino. It’s probably one of the most popular online gambling house powered by the company. So, if we talk about brands that is definitely the most striking instance of it.

The online casino was established in far 2000. And for the last decade it's considered to be one of the leading gambling houses. What makes All Slots be so popular? Let's take a closer look at it to reveal the success secret.

First and foremost, here players are provided with the first-rate quality, deserving treatment and the newest features. All new games by the software appear at the casino in the day of the release. Here you can relish entertainments as using flash instant play, or via download software as well as on the go through mobile format.

First Impression

To say the truth, I can't say that All Slots differentiates itself much from others as to the design. It seems to me pretty regular and without some personality. It's not bad, but not so good as well. And still it grabs your attention. I think that the reputation plays the main role in the popularity of the casino.

The first thing you notice when come to the casino site is the Welcome Bonus offered. Yeah. And there is what to pay attention at. The second thing that grabs your eye is the list of the featured games. Pretty useful thing to get into action in a snap. Fast and simple.

But the most pleasant fact is that the gambling house provides you with all info about it on the site. Everything you want to know or curious to find out can be easily found. Reports from eCOGRA, banking options, terms and conditions, promotions, history, and even blog are at your disposal. Briefly, just come and get all you wish.

Bonus Policy – Loyal for Everybody?

You know nothing about generosity if you have never seen bonus promotions of All Slots casino. Yep. Here really everybody will feel loyal and respected. From the very beginning and after years as well.

If you're a new player with just registered real money account, you have a chance to boost your balance with breathtaking $1,600 Welcome Package. This pack consists of 4 different match bonuses to grab for your first 4 deposits:

  • 100% up to $250 match on the 1st deposit
  • 50% up to $250 match on the 2nd deposit
  • 50% up to $500 match on the 3rd deposit
  • 50% up to $500 match on the 4th deposit

You can even keep all your winnings gained with promo credits. But before you will be eligible to do that, you are to meet the play through requirement. It's a not big deal combining pleasant and useful. Because you can complete the wager playing your fav games.

Old players can relish Loyal Rewards and get some exclusive offers as well. I liked that here you are awarded with various match and free promotions for special occasions like Halloween, New Year, the Xmas, your birthday and so on. It's very pleasant to feel that the gambling house recognizes your loyalty.

Casino Games – Variety & Payouts

There are so much to try! It's a true paradise for gamblers who love variety. Be sure, you can easily find a game for today with minimum efforts required. All Slots can meet any demands and wishes, no matter how sophisticated public is.

More than 500 high level games are at your choice here. Several variations of blackjack, poker, roulette, baccarat, craps and, certainly, hundreds of slot machines. Yeah, it's really outstanding range of entertainments. But not only the variety can impress you, but the payout rates as well.

Of course, comparing with Jackpot City, it's a little bit lower, but still 96.12% for all games is still good results. Moreover, it's the data from the eCOGRA report (as we've noticed, you can easily find it on the casino site).

  • slots – 96.14%
  • table games – 96.66%
  • poker games – 95.87%

To say the truth, I expected to get higher results than these ones. Anyway, they good for regular online casinos, not for brands… But it's only my opinion.

Service & Features

It won't be surprise for you in case I'll tell you that the competition in the gambling market is tough. To be the leader means to work hard. That's the casino improves its service constantly to remain on the top, not to lose existing players and attract new gamblers as well. These tasks are like challenge today…

Herewith, All Slots designers, developers and marketing experts do their best to provide you with innovative features and upgraded version of old ones. I think that it's must-do options for the casinos of the level. So, here you will get:

  1. fast banking
  2. lots of bonus promotions
  3. Live Casino
  4. mobile formats and apps for Apple and Android devices
  5. around-the-clock customer support available in different languages
  6. 500+ games for any taste

It's a quite deserving treatment and service provided as for me. Yeah, the casino team tries to make your time and gambling be problem free and enjoyable. And it's your choice to seize the opportunities or not.


All Slots Casino is a reliable gambling house by Microgaming. It's safe to play for cash. Years of experience and strong reputation amongst real gamblers speak volumes. Yeah, here you will get everything you could only expect from the modern online casino. There are lots of advantages and strong features to try, but...

However, if compare this gambling house with another brands, we can't pass by such important things as payout ratings. And here this online casino loses several points. And still there are more pros than cons and it makes All Slots worthy of your attention.

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Betway Casino Review

When it comes to the brands, you expect to get the best of the best. Requires are much higher. And Betway Casino is a true star to steer by. I think this is how the brand look like and work.

Elegance and style, safety and quality, service and treatment… No matter who you are a high roller or regular player, here everybody can feel special. The best traditions and up-to-date technologies create a perfect blend for your gambling pleasure.

Thus, you can enjoy hundreds of high level Microgaming games in any format you wish. Besides that, there are alluring bonuses offered to you for that. Yeah, it sounds like a fairytale. Pure advantages? And is it for real? It's time for revision.

Get Outward Glance

It's one of the most stylish online casinos by Microgaming on the net to visit. Yeah! Of course, tastes differ and that's why all gambling houses are so different in the designed. But Betway pleases my eye in its simplicity and laconic manner. No mess. No hassle.

Here you feel the quality almost physically. I liked such style. And what about you? What's more, everything at the casino is made in such a way. That can't help but gladden ;) So, here you really get only the best service and innovative features.

What's more, here you will get a full transparency. All needed info can be found on a click. Logical structure eases your search by times. So feel free to check out eCOGRA reports, payout ratings, read about casino games, bonuses to try with terms applied and so on.

Everyone comes to the casino to fun and hazard. And here is the wide choice of online games to try your hand for real. Slot machines, blackjack, roulette, poker, baccarat, craps… All you wish can be easily found and that with quite high payout rating:

  • all games – 95.27%
  • slots – 94.85%
  • table games – 96.68%
  • poker games – 94.67%

Though, I think that the casino with such a name could have higher results… But customers of Betway look pretty satisfied. Hm, digits are just digits, but nobody recalls the luck. Anyway, as a rule, people setting stakes online are looking for joy not the place for earning money. Of course, if I don't misunderstood...

Bonuses – Flying Start & Long Relationship

Today bonus promotions are essential part of online casinos already. It's not surprising that people are looking for them and sign-up offer awarded influences on the choice. It's quite natural desire to get more especially for your money. Who will refuse to get some profits?And here you will be satisfied. Just because Betway offers you to get a flying start promised by $1,000 Welcome Package.

Here you can boost your first 3 deposits with 100% up to $250 match, 25% up to $250 match and 50% up to $500 match bonuses. And they will be yours on the replenishment of $20 or up. The casino allows you to take away your wins as soon as you meet 50x wagering.

But it's far from the end of the promotion list. It doesn't mean that if you are not a newbie, that you shouldn't expect some pleasant surprises for the Christmas, New Year or just for nothing :) There are lots of ongoing and special offers are waiting for you, saying nothing about Loyalty rewards promised. Yeah, the casino do its best to build longtime relationships and make you feel loyal respected.

Benefits to Get or Reasons to Try

As we have already mentioned, the casino tries to remain up-to-date with evolving technology providing its customers with the best only. So that it's not surprising to find lots of goods offered. So that, jump at the chance to try such features as:

  • 2 desktop formats (flash and download)
  • mobile versions and apps for iPhone, iPad and devices on Android OS
  • 24/7 support service
  • secure and fast banking
  • wide games selection with over 500 entertainments

This list can be endless… In a word, here you will find everything needed for joyful pastime and problem free gambling set. Brilliant software, excellent service. You sho9uld expect such a treatment from the casino with such reputation and experience.

As a Result

Betway is one of the most stylish Microgaming brands. Here you will get a perfect blend of service and quality. If you like innovations and cutting-edge technologies, then all roads lead to the online casino. It even seems to be the ideal. Anyway, there is a spoon of tar in a barrel of honey to reveal.

As well as we rate online casinos by various criteria, Betway is found to be third not by a chance. Comparing with other casinos of the same level, this one comes short of payout percentage. Yep. It's a pity, but this point is less than I would like to find. Though the index is still high – 95.27% for all games is not bad at all.

But it's almost the single drawback revealed. The casino has lots of strong features like total security, safe banking, first-class treatment and high technologies… Bla-bla-bla. Here we don't make a promotion for any gambling house. We just take a glance of the brands' backstage and share our experience... The last word is yours only.

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Spinpalace Casino Review

There is one more gambling house by Microgaming that is worth your seeing and, of course, precious time. Though the casino we are going to discuss was launched in 2001, it moves with the time providing you with the best out of gambling world offers you.

Spin Palace Casino has won gamblers' hearts pretty fast and already won way to brand-name. And the secret of the success as for me is brilliant software and excellent service. But taking a closer look at it, you can reveal that everything is not as simple as it seems to be… Oh, nothing bad! So, don't worry. Moreover, now we are going to overview the online gambling house.

When you have intentions to play at the casino, it becomes obvious that you are looking for fun along with thrilling emotions to get. So, one of the key points to pay attention is the games collection. And it's where a pure pleasure is waiting for you. Yep. No tall talks.

Seeing is believing. The selection of entertainments counts over 450 games of the highest quality. Here you can try your hand at slot machines, video poker, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, craps as well as some specialties. Plus, all games are in several captivating variations. As you can judge, exciting and enjoyable pastime is promised.

What's more, the payouts rating of all entertainments is something like a guarantee of your good mood and happy end. Yeah, payout of 96.38% for all games can easily make you feel better.

In case you are curious about other games payout percentage, you can find them in a moment. Just because the casino provides you with pure transparency and all reports by eCOGRA can be found directly on the casino official web-site.

Everything you need to do to get all reports is to click the sign of the authority company. There you can read details according to Spin Palace activity.

Intimate Glimpse

Though the casino looks pretty simple and in places regular, it can impress and surprise even the avid gamblers. The gambling house delivers nothing but high quality of all entertainments, problem free operating and only up-to-date features.

Here you will find everything needed for enjoyable pastime and win money, of course if you're lucky. All information about the casino service, promotions and so on can be easily found directly on the official site.

You can't miss the sign of eCOGRA as well. You can click it and get the full report about the casino activity and responsibility as well. Besides that, there is an opportunity to read about banking aтв look through the full list of methods provided for depositing and withdrawing your cash.

Also, you have a great chance to check some facts about the casino or look through the list of games offered to play. Put in short, you can find here everything and with the minimum efforts required.

Fine Bonus Helps to Impress or What You Can Get

Today it's pretty hard to impress gamblers with nice bonuses. Yeah, the players are like spoiled kids. And still some online casinos like Spin Palace do real miracles. Yep. First and foremost, the gambling house grabs your attention with alluring $1,000 Welcome Package. Such a promo can't remain unnoticed…

Moreover, it promises you not only a flying start, but also 3 match bonuses on your 3 first deposits made. Herewith, you can increase your account balance becoming a real player of the casino and purchasing no less than $20.

But exactly these simple actions will bring you 100% match up to $250 on the first deposit, 25% match up to $300 on the second deposit and 50% match up to $450 on the third deposit.

The great thing to know about the pack is that all winnings gained with the extra cash awarded can be kept by you. Yep. But, please, don't forget that there is no such thing as a free lunch. Herewith, prior you get the permission for withdrawing your prizes, the casino asks you to complete the wagering requirement of 50 times. It's not difficult. You can relish your time playing fav casino games and in such a way to play through your bonus and deposit.

Think it's where the pleasant news ends? Nothing of a kind. The casino does know how to make you feel loyal and respected. Various ongoing bonuses, exclusive promotions and loyalty rewards show that the gambling house is going to build really long-lasting relationships.

Casino Strong Points

What will we get combining cutting-edge technologies and years of experience? Yeah, pure profits. It's exactly what you are awarded with at SpinPalace casino. As well as other branded online gambling houses, this one offers you a wide range of features to try like:

  • Live Casino games
  • mobile version and applications for iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry and other smartphones
  • 2 desktop formats (flash and download)
  • wide range of safe banking methods
  • 450+ games by Microgaming
  • professional 24/7 customer support

It's only a small part of all benefits offered to your attention and pleasure, of course. But only one thing becomes clear – here everyone can find something special just for him and it's with the minimum efforts required.

Check out

Spin Palace casino is really decent gambling house. It really go for the name of brand. Strong reputation, years of experience, brilliant software, decent treatment, high payout rating are the necessary ingredients for the success-cocktail. And you can be sure that this online casino does have them.

But in case you're looking for the elegance, then, more likely, you will be a little bit disappointed… Yeah, certainly, it's my subjective opinion only. But we know lots of other examples like Betway, where you will get more luxury design to please your eyes. Anyway, everyone knows that a good dress is a card of invitation, a good mind is a letter of recommendation.

So that, it's more important that the casino really provides you with the first-rate gambling, excellent quality, total security and all that is dressed up with pleasant surprises as bonus promotions. Herewith, if you are seeking for that, then Spin Palace suits you best of all.

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Royal Vegas Casino Review

Looking for something regal? There is one Microgaming brand that definitely can draw your attention. Moreover, it's worthy of it ;) Royal Vegas Casino is considered to be one of the best gambling houses on the net.

Launched in 2000, the casino has earned strong reputation amongst real gamblers all over the world. That gambling house suits the highest standards of the industry and delivers nothing but quality, joy and good mood. It's true. No windy talk or promoting. Just our experience got from the casino.

Closer Look

Hearing the name of the online casino, you should expect to see extra declamatory style with sparkling elements everywhere… But visiting the site of Royal Vegas you will be surprised. Pleasantly surprised.

Stylish, elegant and user-friendly interface with no hassle or overkill. Yeah, this casino is chic with up-to-date design. It was almost love from the first sight. And I can say that the longer I stayed there, the more I liked the casino.

The first thing that grabs your eye is the huge Welcome Bonus that promises you a flying start along with positive gambling experience. After that the casino provides outstanding selection of games for any taste and mood that is a guarantee of enjoyable pastime. The high quality, amazing graphics and animation, various casino formats… Yeah, this casino does know what players are looking for.

Bonus Promotions – From Where Relationships Begin

Nobody refuses to get more for his money. Especially when it comes to the flying start to get. That's why, the casino offers alluring $1,200 Welcome Package that is broken down on 3 match bonuses for your first 3 deposits made.

You can get the offers in two easy steps only. First and foremost, you can't be eligible for any bonus without registering a real player account. After that you just need replenish it with cash. Please, make point of the minimum deposit required. Here it's $20 only. Not much, isn't it? After these simple moves you will be awarded with:

  • 100% match of up to $250 on your first contribution
  • 25% match of up to $200 on your second contribution
  • 50% match of up to $750 on your third contribution

Use the extra credits wise to make a good hand of the promotions. Considering the fact that you can keep all your winnings, you should better do your best. But still, don't forget that there are some requirements to meet prior any withdrawals.

So that, note that there is a wager of 40 times to complete, for example. One more thing to pay attention at is that not all casino games are allowed to play to meet the requirement. Thus, you can choose slot machines as the fastest way to play through your bonus and deposit, for instance.

But it's not all benefits offered. The casino takes care about all its customers. So that, there are lots of latest promotions and rewards for existing players. The longer you play, the more you get. Yeah, the gambling house does know the way to your heart and loyalty. Keep abreast the casino news and grab your specialties.

Top Casino Games – Judge by Payouts

You can hardly find a player that comes to the casino without a wish to hit a destiny-changing prize. Yeah, it even sounds a little bit silly, doesn't it? So, when it comes to the choice of online casino to play for real money, you should take it seriously. Especially, when big sums of cash are at stake…

Herewith, not only the size of games collection has matter. Yep. The other thing to pay attention at is the payout rating. But if we talk about Royal Vegas casino, you can wash away all your worries. Yep. Just because here you will get the following payout percentage as:

  • all games – 95.56%
  • slots – 95.71%
  • table games – 98.05%
  • poker games – 93.52%

What's more, it's not enough to win a prize, another thing to take away it. Thus, the reliability and responsibility is other key “must have” criteria for the online casino-brand. Check it out by visiting blogs and reading feedbacks from real gamblers to play safe without risk to be cheated.

Service and Other Features Provided

Year to year the casino improves its service to compete with giants of online gambling for your loyalty. And it pays off. Thanks to that, you have a great chance to experience the best features and the royal treatment suitable to the kings like:

  1. sign of approval by eCOGRA
  2. 128-bit SSL Digital Encryption used
  3. supports mobile device as iPhone, Android, Blackberry, iPad
  4. flash instant play available
  5. user-friendly interface available in different languages
  6. safe banking with wide choice of methods
  7. hundreds of high level games by Microgaming

So, the casino promises the enjoyable pastime and really excellent gambling set. Besides, it's you to choose the format and kind of t to revel in. The most important thing of it is that everything is truly safe.

Banking Does Matter

Every player who comes to the casino to bet real money, will pay attention to the banking provided. And it does matter. Yeah, secure banking is a key point that influences on the choice. It's quite obvious. Certainly, people came to the gambling house to risk and hazard, but nobody wants to be cheated or lose money.

As well as the casino is a world-wide brand, it has customers all over the globe. That's why, it should provide all gamblers with convenient and flexible payment options considering to the country of the resident.

Royal Vegas casino offers you really a regal choice of banking methods to choose from. Here you will find such reliable and famous options as Neteller, Moneybookers/Skrill, EntroPay, PaySafeCard as well as credit cards as Visa, MasterCard and lots of others.

But anyway, selecting method, you should pay attention that not all of them working as for depositing so for the withdrawing credits. Yep. In case you are interested in the operating with the same method in both directions, then you should make a point of it.

However, here you can wash away all your worries, because the casino uses the high technologies as 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Digital Encryption to protect your private info and eliminate the risk of misusing your private data. What's more, here you are offered with the most famous and reputable methods for all monetary online transactions.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for the online gambling that fits the kings, then Royal Vegas Casino is what you need. Here you are awarded with really royal gambling set to try along with kingly bonus promotions offered.

It's one of the best gambling houses I have ever been. What's important, it can meet any demand matching the needed criteria starting from the service and ending features provided. Here you will find must-have things for the modern gambling house. Being there, you understand why it is among the leaders.

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